when you trying really hard to stay in your lane

My sister’s graduation is tomorrow and I have to be up at an obscene time and I really should be picking out outfits/going to bed rn





Turban Tuesday

i really like her style. it speaks to how comfortable and confident she is with herself and it just makes me stare even harder ~

Thanks, sis!

beautiful beautiful lauren


She coming home Thursday!!!!!!


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Shopping Update

Ok so currently on my wishlist on Amazon are black suede wedges, converse, the see-through floral rain boots I’ve wanted, and black jellies

None of them over 45 

all together under the amount of amazon credit I have for selling them my textbooks

I really want to order them now just in case any of them sell out before I leave for school but I would be so much easier for me to wait until I get back to school on the 21st to order them 

Ok I found really cute suede wedges that I can wear to parties and shit





Miss Black America Beauty Pageant (1972)

What happend to this?

It had to be stopped because it was “racist against whites”.

Had to be stopped because it ignored white beauty standards. 

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that moment 

when you go from

"why don’t they want me?"


"F%@k ‘em, their loss"


“I don’t have time to think about how much of myself I’m exposing. If you’re self-conscious, then you’re not giving yourself, are you?”

FKA twigs offers us a glimpse into her world in a fascinating feature in Crack Magazine.

Read the full article here:

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